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No Doubt is back! They are finally coming out with another album together, after more than a decade apart. This is truly music to my ears. While I am a fan of Gwen Stafani on her own, I never quite loved her as much as I did with No Doubt. Spiderwebs, I’m Just a Girl, Don’t Speak, Simple Kind of Life, and so many more of their songs were the soundtrack to my life growing up! No Doubt released the video for their new song Settle Down, yesterday.

The song has a Caribbean feel, and the video is reminiscent of old No Doubt videos, jam packed with energy. The members of No Doubt must have found the fountain of youth, because I swear it looks like not one of them has aged a bit! Get ready for their new album, Push and Shove, to drop September 25th. What do you think about the return of No Doubt?

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