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Whether you have been down with Styles P since his days at Bad Boy Records, with songs like “It’s All About The Benjamins”, or you’re more familiar with Styles P, member of The Ruff Ryders, with hit songs such as “Good Times” and “Blow Your Mind”, you can’t deny that Styles P goes hard. David Styles, 37, goes by the stage name Styles P, and he shows us there’s more to this “gangster and gentleman”, than meets the eye. He is currently on The “Jet Life Tour” with Curren$y , promoting their free collaborative mixtape EP, “The 1st 28″. Styles P shares with us what’s next up for him and his crew, The Lox. Styles also talks about his lifestyle venture, Juices For Life, his 1st novel, Invincible, and his twitter rants. What’s next to come for the author-actor/ businessman/ lyricist? Listen to the interview below.

Styles P talks heathy living, juice bar and more.

Styles P talks penning his 1st novel Invincible, violent music vs violent movies and more.

Styles P talks In/Out Album with Jadakiss, tour life and more.

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